This is Me

Eiffel Tower in Paris
Getting a taste of Paris.

From time to time I do a bit of traveling.  Sometimes I travel solo, sometimes I travel with my wife.  Always I travel with food restrictions (my wife and I are both celiac).

One day I woke up, and seemingly out of nowhere, I said, “I want to be a travel blogger.”  It was seriously this spontaneous.  My eyes opened and the words came out of my mouth.  Perhaps I had been dreaming about it.  Maybe it was some divine inspiration.  Whatever it was, once the idea was out I became obsessed with it.  I had suddenly discovered myself.

I took my very first trip when I was 19 years old to New York.  I had no idea what I was doing.  What was supposed to be a one month trip was drastically shortened to six days when I ran out of money.  I got lost in Yonkers (really), wandered lower Manhattan looking for a hotel that was actually on Long Island, and the fancy hotel I ended up in didn’t want to accept me as a guest because I looked and smelled like I had fearfully spent a long night in a motel that rented by the hour endlessly smoking cigarettes to stay awake.

It has been almost 20 years since that trip and I am still learning with each one (although the lessons I have learned along the way and the internet mean I plan better these days).

These are our stories about our adventures, fears, mishaps, successes, and dreams.


A tutu and a horse.
Rainbows, tutus, horses, and magic.

I chose the name The Rainbow Route for two reasons.

To the LGBTQ community, the rainbow is a symbol of pride, unity, and tolerance.  I am proud to be from a country where people have the freedom to live their lives as who they are.  Unfortunately, there are many parts of the world where this freedom does not yet exist.  Even in places with inclusive basic human rights, there still exists discrimination.  I believe it is important to continue to speak out about these issues because every person in the world is entitled to the right to be themselves.

I also happen to love rainbows.  They are my personal symbol of hope, beauty, magic, joy, and adventure.  They are a reminder to not take life too seriously.  They represent the strength of optimism and light.  If there was a ‘How-to’ book on living life that only contained one picture, for me it would be the rainbow.

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  1. Cool! I’d love to hear more about your travel adventures from your unique perspective. Keep blogging. 🙂

    1. says: Reply

      Thank you!!! Here’s hoping to many adventures in the coming years:)

  2. I am so proud and excited for this new adventure Jenn. You are a rainbow full of colour and magic who lights up the lives of so many, here’s to bringing that rainbow awesomeness to the blogosphere. Xx

    1. says: Reply

      That’s the best compliment a person can get! Thank you!

  3. Looking forward to hearing more 🙂

  4. Looking forward to following your marvellous adventures 🙂

    1. says: Reply

      Thank you so much! Your own adventures inspire me to keep going!

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