Bear Safety Tips for Backcountry Travellers in Canada and the USA

bear safety tips in Canada and the USA, black bear, grizzly bear

  As a proud, nature-loving Canadian, I like to believe that I am not afraid of bears. But let’s be honest, bears are freaking scary. I know, I know, the likelihood of having any life-threatening encounter with a bear is super low. However, even if all a bear wanted from you was a hug and […]

Your Ultimate Gluten-Free Guide to Vancouver: Bakeries & Restaurants

Scandalicious, gluten-free waffle, Vancouver

  Vancouver is a city known for its foodie culture (which is good, because the cost of living here has driven most other culture out of the city…). People eat out often in Vancouver and restaurants abound. Knowledge of Celiac disease and gluten-free awareness is high in the city. At any restaurant you go to, […]

She Said, She Said – Mother and Daughter Reflect on Travelling Together in Cuba

mother daughter trip to Cuba, travelling with your mother, travel with mom, Havana, Trinidad

  This post was so much fun to write! Not only did I get to better understand my mom’s thoughts about travelling, but this little exercise helped us bond more, even after coming back home. It was enlightening to see how another person thought so positively about me (and I hope my mom feels the […]

Reusable Feminine Hygiene Products for Travel: Benefits of Menstrual Cups, Cloth Pads & Period Underwear!

Reusable Feminine Hygiene Products for Travel, menstrual cups, cloth pads, cloth pantyliners, period underwear

  You know what I hate? Having to leave a beautiful beach in Costa Rica to get back to my hotel so I can change my tampon because there are no public washrooms available. You know what else I hate? Spending my time wandering around Venice worried that my leaking tampon isn’t going to hold […]

Lesbian & LGBTQ+ Travel in Cuba

lesbian lgbtq+ travel in Cuba, queer travel, lesbian travel, Havana

  My recent trip to Cuba was something of a solo trip. Actually, it was a mother-daughter trip (which you can read about soon), but in terms of LGBTQ+ travel, I was there sans wife. Normally I take advantage of the fact that I present in the stereotypical feminine fashion and can use other’s esthetic […]

3 Fun Places to Interact with Street Art in Havana, Cuba

street art, community art, public art, Cuba, Havana, Fusterlandia, Callejon de Hamel, Muraleando, street art in Havana

  The most prominent impression made on me by Cuba was that of community. The relationships between people, as well as their connection to Cuba, was ethereal, yet incredibly distinct. As a tourist, with no connection to the history of Cuba, I lack the vocabulary to describe the energy that is unique to this island. […]

Gluten-Free Guide to Surviving in Japan

gluten-free Japan, gluten-free guide to Japan, celiac, Japan

  Visiting Japan as an English-speaking celiac is like walking through a maze of barbed wire blindfolded and expecting to come out unscathed.  You can do it, but you have to be very, very careful to avoid the pain and suffering that awaits you at every corner. While sticking to a gluten-free diet in Japan […]

Stand Up Paddle Boarding on Maui

stand up paddleboarding lessons on Maui, SUP, MSUP

  If you’ve ever sat on a beach watching stand-up paddle boarders glide past you and thought it looked fun, you would be right. If you’ve watched people run into the ocean with their boards and gracefully jump to their feet before serenely paddling away and thought it looked easy, you would be less right. […]