12 Indie Songs to Add to Your Travel Playlist

Indie songs for travel playlist


Music is travel for the soul.  It inspires us to live fully, it supports the necessity of movement, and it comforts our spirits.  Music accompanies me on all of my journeys – and each trip has its own soundtrack.  Chopin rode across bare deserts on a camel with me.  Kishi Bashi helped ease the pain of a broken heart in Spain.  Fleet Foxes chilled me out on a white sand beach in Florida.  Willow Beats lulled me to sleep in New Zealand.

Each destination has its own emotional tone and songs to go with it.  At home, music keeps us inspired for our next trip.  The following is a short playlist of indie songs about travel to spur you on to more exploration.

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12 Indie Songs to Add to Your Travel Playlist


  1. Billie the Vision & The Dancers – Summercat



  1. Austin Plaine – Never Come Back Again



  1. American Authors – Best Day of My Life



  1. Angus & Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane



  1. Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites



  1. Planet Smashers – Surfin’ in Tofino



  1. The Mowgli’s – Hi, Hey There, Hello



  1. Mother Mother – Polynesia 



  1. Beirut – Postcards from Italy 



  1. The Wind and The Wave – Grand Canyon



  1. Modest Mouse – Dashboard 



  1. Bright Eyes – Another Travelin’ Song 


Do you have a song that travels with you everywhere?  How about one that makes you want to pull out your credit card and buy a plane ticket?  Please share!


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12 songs for indie travel playlist







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18 Replies to “12 Indie Songs to Add to Your Travel Playlist”

  1. I love Modest Mouse!! Well, “Loved”. I went through a stage in my teenage years of being obsessed with bands none of my friends had heard of, and have sort of forgotten all about them recently. This post has totally got me on a Modest Mouse YouTube binge!
    I made the mistake of pressing play on Best Day of My Life even though I knew it’d end up stuck in my head for days to come! It’s a cracking song but my god is it annoying when you find yourself humming it under your breath for the umpteenth time.

    1. I used to be a music snob myself. As soon as someone else heard of a band, I lost interest…or I would listen to them in secret. But Modest Mouse has been with me for decades and I’m glad they’ve grown as a band. My future kids will hate having to listen to them.

  2. I am just writing and needed some background music thank you so much for this list. Just downloaded “never come back again” what a beautiful song and matches my story lol. I left Switzerland for traveling and never went back again. Thanks for this post great idea.

    1. That was the song that made me want to put this list together! I’m so glad you found something you liked:)

  3. I love love love Summercat! Just downloaded the track and I think it’s going to replace Dua Lipa’s “Be The One” and be on repeat the whole day! All these songs make a great road trip playlist. I also love Postcards From Italy so much! What a vintage gem. Thanks so much for putting this up, Jen 🙂

  4. Some great recommendations for a travel playlist! I would add the Temper Trap. I think they have the dreamiest indie music. I also like Regina Spektor. Her storytelling takes my breath away.

    1. I love Regina Spektor – her voice is epic. Have just been checking out Temper Trap and I really like them. They might have to get added to my playlist for Japan next week! I’m going to have to make a second list…

  5. What a great list! I love using music and movies and books to help get ready for a trip. We always travel with the kids and I blog about how to make the travel educational. I use books mostly but music is a fantastic idea. You are so right it is great for the soul! You have me thinking of a list for our next trip which will be Greece!

  6. I’m obsessed with playlists and make them regularly so I can look back on music that I listened to at certain times of my life. As others have mentioned, I too love Modest Mouse and Bright Eyes. If you love Bright Eyes and Regina Spektor you should listen to Sleeping at Last, so calming and emotive. My favourite travel song of all time is ‘I Woke up in a Car’ by Something Corporate. I listen to it on every trip!

    1. I almost put ‘I Woke up in a Car’ on this list! Thanks for the recommendation – will be checking out Something Corporate.

  7. I love Angus & Julia Stone! They are just wonderful. Like you I love having a decent play list to occupy me when travelling. I’ve recently got addicted to podcasts for my travels.

  8. This is such a great playlist. Some were already personal favorites, but you introduced us to some great new music too. Thanks for this. It makes long rides so much better.

  9. Oh my goodness, what a great post. What you have said is so true…we all have songs that the moment we hear them, we are transported back in time to the very place we heard, enjoyed and associated with that piece. Music will always be a part of our lives, completing the times of all the places we travel and experience and thank goodness for that! Lovely collection here that you have selected.

  10. Great songs. I never thought about having a travel song-list. I listen to a lot of music at home, but never when travelling. When I travel I want to listen to the place I am visiting.

  11. There is a song for every location and every moment isn’t there. You seem to be very organised with your playlist, I must put in the same effort as you to get a playlist sorted for me. An 80’s playlist is what I would choose, it’s cool your genre is Indie though!

  12. I love Modest Mouse & Bright Eyes but haven’t heard of the other artists until now. Thanks for exposing me to some new music. I always love discovering new artists, especially for long plane rides when I don’t want to listen to my usual music.

  13. The way you presented this was quite creative, very good writing! I will have to come back in the morning and listen to all of these, I feel like an old right now because I only recognize the last two. Can’t wake the kids up right now 😀 But…since I love Modest Mouse so much, I have to imagine that I might like the rest, too!

  14. A great list of songs to keep you inspired. I agree, it is so important to support Indie artists and push for some unique tunes. I will have to add to my artist selection and hopefully get inspired to travel.

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