Accommodation Highlight:  Airbnb in Venice, Italy

Front view of AirBnb
Front view of the apartment.

There is a lot of controversy right now in the tourism industry regarding Airbnb.  In Venice, Italy particularly, residents have been vocal about their objections to this service operating on the island.  Locals are concerned about being forced to move due to the rising cost of living and the loss of local culture and history that is the charm of Venice.  While wandering the streets of Venice, don’t be surprised to see poster protesting against Airbnb.

Still, if you are going to Venice, it would be worth your while to stay at least one night so that you can experience the city away from the masses of day tourists.

Personally, as a traveller, I love Airbnb for several reasons.  This post is not going to examine the pros and cons of this new industry though (we will save that for another time).  This article is about one specific Airbnb in Venice that stood out as exceptional.

This apartment in Venice had very mixed reviews.  It’s possible I wouldn’t have stayed here if finding accommodation in Venice wasn’t so difficult, but I am so glad I didn’t miss out on this place.

The canals of Venice.
The canals of Venice.

If you are averse to erotic art (not pornography, to be clear), this might not be the place for you.  Personally, I found the artwork on the walls quite beautiful, nor was I put off by the small display of sex toys tucked away in a corner of the living room.  Certainly the décor is a tad unconventional, but it is far from offensive, and we couldn’t have asked for a better host.

As a lesbian couple, checking into accommodations is always stressful because of the uncertainty of how we will be received.  Massimo, the host at our Venice apartment, was overjoyed to have us.  We were his first married gay couple to stay at his apartment and we were welcomed with much enthusiasm and excitement.   Massimo was very knowledgeable about the history of Venice and shared with us some stories we would never have heard otherwise such as Venice being the site of the first all-female classical ensemble (read more about Vivaldi and the female choirs here).

The apartment itself was huge and, even though it has ten beds, we had the place to ourselves with use of the kitchen and wifi.  The large living room overlooks the canal and the beautiful Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo.   The location near the Basilica and the hospital made the apartment easy to find, even amidst the winding passageways of Venice.  Guests are permitted to store their luggage in the apartment after check-out.  If I was to return to Venice, this is where I would stay.



Price: $32/$27 CAD (first/extra guests) + $11 cleaning fee
Location:  Excellent.  Centre of Venice with a great view of the canal and Basilica.
Staff & Service:  Excellent.
LGBTQ friendly:  This is as friendly as it gets.
WiFi:  Yes.


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