Costa Rica’s Cahuita: Now & Then

Cahuita, Costa Rica, wildlife, beach

  Cahuita has a lot going on for a little town, so it’s no surprise that it has seen significant development in the last 15 years.  Despite the increase in tourism, Cahuita remains one of my favourite places in Costa Rica.  Abundant wildlife, beautiful beaches, a fantastic national park, and superb Caribbean cuisine make this […]

Hiking Costa Rica’s Osa Pensinsula: Finca La Tarde

  Costa Rica has no shortage of natural beauty.  No matter where you find yourself, you can expect to have your breath taken away.  The wildlife is abundant and the rainforests are enchanting.  Still, if there is an ultimate destination in Costa Rica for people who love hiking and want to immerse themselves in nature, […]

Travelling as a Lesbian in Costa Rica

LGBTQ, Costa Rica, lesbian, travel

  As far as Latin American countries go, Costa Rica is one of the most open-minded and accepting of LGBTQ+ people (although, I hear there is quite the scene in Guadalajara).  If you are travelling as a lesbian in Costa Rica, you can expect to feel relatively comfortable, but don’t expect the same freedoms granted […]

Night Hike in Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica

Red-eyed tree frog, night hike, Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica, Osa Peninsula

  That moment you stand five feet away from a giant crocodile while walking through a mangrove forest in the dark of night is the moment you learn a new kind of fear.  You stare into its beady, glowing eyes knowing it could be on you faster than you could even think about running away. […]

Accommodation Highlight: Casa 69 in San José, Costa Rica

Casa 69, San Jose, Costa Rica

  If you are LGBTQ+, or even if you’re not, Casa 69 is the place to stay in San José, Costa Rica. San José may not be a beautiful city, but Casa 69 is a little oasis tucked amongst the traffic-filled streets.  The people who work here just may have been the warmest we came […]

Accommodation Highlight: Casa Moabi in Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica

Casa Moabi, Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica

  Every once in a while, you find a true gem of a place, the kind of place you wish you had discovered at the beginning of your trip so that you could have cancelled all your other reservations in order to stay there longer.  Casa Moabi is that place for Costa Rica.     […]

Accommodation Highlight: Hotel Banana Azul in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Hotel Banana Azul

  When your wife tells you she wants to spend at least two nights in a ‘nice’ hotel for your honeymoon, you listen, even if hotels and resorts aren’t your cup of tea.  I mean, part of the charm of travelling is wondering if you will step on a cockroach on your way to the […]

Accommodation Highlight: Cabinas Jiménez in Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica

Watching the storm across the bay.
Watching the storm across the bay.

What separates an average hotel from an exceptional one is great staff and great service, and Cabinas Jiménez has both. If it hadn’t been for the staff at this friendly hotel, we would never have known there was a hurricane forecast to hit Costa Rica at the same time we arrived.  Perhaps because of the […]

The Beaches of Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean Coast: from Cahuita to Manzanillo

Picture perfect Playa Chiquita.
Picture perfect Playa Chiquita.

Each visit to Costa Rica poses the problem of which coast to visit, the Pacific or the Caribbean.  Costa Rica may be a small country, but when it comes to getting around you can expect to spend a day in transit between regions.  While it is possible to dip your toes in both oceans on […]