2 Week Itinerary: Italy and France

Colosseum in Rome

Both Italy and France have so much to offer, you couldn’t even cover one of these countries in two weeks.  Visiting both Italy and France in one trip, however, will allow you to compare and contrast the cultures, sights, and foods that these two countries have to offer. This itinerary takes in some of the […]

Eating Gluten-Free in Paris: Restaurants, Bakeries & More

Gluten-free, Paris, France, Eiffel Tower, Europe

There was a part of me that didn’t even want to go to Paris.  To be surrounded by all that delicious looking pastry and not be able to eat it because I have Celiac disease (I can’t eat gluten if you haven’t heard of it yet) sounded like torture.  Of course, one must go to […]