Gluten-Free Guide to Surviving in Japan

gluten-free Japan, gluten-free guide to Japan, celiac, Japan

  Visiting Japan as an English-speaking celiac is like walking through a maze of barbed wire blindfolded and expecting to come out unscathed.  You can do it, but you have to be very, very careful to avoid the pain and suffering that awaits you at every corner. While sticking to a gluten-free diet in Japan […]

Lesbian & LGBTQ Travel in Japan

lesbian travel in Japan, lgbtq, pride

Lesbian Travel in Japan Tokyo is an amazingly diverse city and you won’t have a problem finding the LGBTQ neighbourhood just a ten minute walk from Shinjuku Station.  Ni-chome/2-chome (“knee-ko-may”) is everything you love about the Japanese bar scene – intimate little bars with great people –  with the added benefit of not having to […]

My Mega Japan Bucket List Wins and Fails

Japan bucket list

  Japan was a country that had been on my bucket list for eons.  I imagined robots mingling with colourfully dressed people.  Images of ruggedly beautiful nature floated through my mind.  Late nights of partying at the best clubs with the best people filled me with energy and optimism… So when I finally got the […]

Robot Restaurant in Tokyo: A Misadventure

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan

  The Robot Restaurant Dream Flashing lights, lasers, dancers dressed in bright colours, giant robots, a story that is completely nonsensical…the show at Robot Restaurant was everything I expected of Japan and jam-packed with my favourite things.  Truth be told, when I saw a clip on you-tube, I was more fascinated with all the shiny […]

Japan Rail Pass: How it Works and Will it Save You Money?

Japan Rail pass and bullet train.

  Is it Cheaper to Buy a Japan Rail Pass? Whether a Japan Rail Pass  will save you money will depend on your itinerary.  If you are planning on visiting several different places and/or covering long distances, a JR pass will likely save you money, sometimes a lot of it.  However, if you will only […]