Lesbian & LGBTQ+ Travel in Cuba

lesbian lgbtq+ travel in Cuba, queer travel, lesbian travel, Havana

  My recent trip to Cuba was something of a solo trip. Actually, it was a mother-daughter trip (which you can read about soon), but in terms of LGBTQ+ travel, I was there sans wife. Normally I take advantage of the fact that I present in the stereotypical feminine fashion and can use other’s esthetic […]

Lesbian & LGBTQ Travel in Japan

lesbian travel in Japan, lgbtq, pride

Lesbian Travel in Japan Tokyo is an amazingly diverse city and you won’t have a problem finding the LGBTQ neighbourhood just a ten minute walk from Shinjuku Station.  Ni-chome/2-chome (“knee-ko-may”) is everything you love about the Japanese bar scene – intimate little bars with great people –  with the added benefit of not having to […]

My Mega Japan Bucket List Wins and Fails

Japan bucket list

  Japan was a country that had been on my bucket list for eons.  I imagined robots mingling with colourfully dressed people.  Images of ruggedly beautiful nature floated through my mind.  Late nights of partying at the best clubs with the best people filled me with energy and optimism… So when I finally got the […]

Meet the Blogger: Crystal Egan from Castaway with Crystal

Crystal Egan, Castaway with Crystal, LGBTQ travel, lesbian travel

  This week we are talking to the super awesome Crystal Egan from Castaway with Crystal. I connected with Crystal on Facebook and instantly loved her adventurous spirit, as well as her great blog (seriously, read it). As a lesbian traveller myself, I am always interested in how others in the LGBTQ+ community experience the […]

Travelling as a Lesbian in Costa Rica

LGBTQ, Costa Rica, lesbian, travel

  As far as Latin American countries go, Costa Rica is one of the most open-minded and accepting of LGBTQ+ people (although, I hear there is quite the scene in Guadalajara).  If you are travelling as a lesbian in Costa Rica, you can expect to feel relatively comfortable, but don’t expect the same freedoms granted […]

Pride in NYC – Sometimes It’s About Putting Clothes ON

LGBTQ, pride, Rainbow Fashion Week, NYC, New York

Rainbow Fashion Week When New York does Pride, they do it all the way.  With events including performances by Nelly Furtado and LeAnn Rimes, as well as attendees numbering in the millions, you can expect Pride events in New York to be nothing short of energetic.  One event you won’t want to miss out on […]