My Favourite Travel Items: Things you might not think to pack

My favourite travel items: stuff you might not think to pack!

  No matter how much planning you do, or how much stuff you take, there is always something you wish you had packed.  Every trip is different and what you will want to bring will vary.  I have a packing list I use to make sure I don’t forget any of the essentials (because spending […]

Packing Challenge: How to Fit Everything You Need Into One Small Carry-On Bag

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There is always room for a tutu!

Now that many airlines are charging for checked baggage, the desire to pack everything you need into a carry-on has become more common.  Besides saving you money, reducing your luggage to one small piece will simply make your life easier.  With only a carry-on, the airline won’t lose your luggage leaving you to wear the […]

Essential Travel Packing Checklist: Everything in a Carry-On

Too much luggage

  Travel with less luggage to save yourself money and hassle by using my essential travel packing list.  This is a list I have compiled over several trips and has been pared down so that everything can easily fit into your carry-on.  You can adjust this list to suit your needs for a particular destination.  […]