How Not to Let Bad Weather Ruin Your Trip

How not to let bad weather ruin your trip.

  One week before our departure to Costa Rica, we received an email from our accommodation warning of upcoming “bad weather.”  This bad weather turned out to be Hurricane Otto – the first hurricane recorded to touch land in Costa Rica.  Without insurance, we decided to take our chances and continue with the trip.  We […]

My Favourite Travel Items: Things you might not think to pack

My favourite travel items: stuff you might not think to pack!

  No matter how much planning you do, or how much stuff you take, there is always something you wish you had packed.  Every trip is different and what you will want to bring will vary.  I have a packing list I use to make sure I don’t forget any of the essentials (because spending […]

12 Indie Songs to Add to Your Travel Playlist

Indie songs for travel playlist

  Music is travel for the soul.  It inspires us to live fully, it supports the necessity of movement, and it comforts our spirits.  Music accompanies me on all of my journeys – and each trip has its own soundtrack.  Chopin rode across bare deserts on a camel with me.  Kishi Bashi helped ease the […]

Japan Rail Pass: How it Works and Will it Save You Money?

Japan Rail pass and bullet train.

  Is it Cheaper to Buy a Japan Rail Pass? Whether a Japan Rail Pass  will save you money will depend on your itinerary.  If you are planning on visiting several different places and/or covering long distances, a JR pass will likely save you money, sometimes a lot of it.  However, if you will only […]

Best Laid Plans: Things I Never Manage to Accomplish When I Travel

Travel tips, travel plans, travel mishaps
It's been a long time since this volcano erupted.

  With each new trip, comes ideas of me as a photogenic, confident, and savvy traveller.  As I prepare to leave home again, I think I have learned from my past mistakes.  I recall the things that made me feel uncomfortable or less adventurous than I could have been, and I think to myself, ‘This […]

Coping with Homesickness While Travelling

"Homesick," Tina Leggio

After the initial excitement of your trip has begun to wear off and you find yourself in an unfamiliar situation, you may find yourself longing for home.  The feeling of homesickness can be especially confusing when it arises outside of the desire to return home.  That’s because we all have an “instinctive need for love, […]

How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Airplane wing.

When you’re travelling on a budget, you are always looking for the best deal on flights.  Unfortunately, cheap flights usually mean long flights with long layovers.  Don’t let the onerous task of travelling ruin the fun of travel!  Keep your spirits up by staying as comfortable and rested as possible on your journey.   Here […]