Epic New Zealand Bucket List Bingo

New Zealand Bucket List Bingo


Living in British Columbia, I know a thing or two about the majestic beauty of nature.  In Vancouver, we are surrounded by untouched nature.  We have mountains that continue to take my breath away and oceans that will force you to contemplate the meaning of infinity.  Wild bears roam just outside of Vancouver city and the forests go on for days.  I had always thought of New Zealand as a smaller version of BC and, as such, never thought too hard about travelling to the other side of the world to see it.

So when I say that New Zealand blew my mind, you know it’s coming from someone who has high standards.


New Zealand Bucket List Bingo
I don’t know what this bird is, but it is having a good time chillin’ on the beach.


New Zealand is a country that can never be fully captured in words.  As such, this article will be short on the vernacular.  Visiting New Zealand means opening yourself to authentic experiences and seeing what happens.  Of course, there are still things you will want to see and do while you are immersing yourself in this magical country.

To make this bucket list a little more fun, I’ve organised it as a bingo game.  Use the ideas in the squares to inspire your itinerary and see how many you can get!

Check out my other New Zealand posts for more stories and ideas😊  If you don’t want to break the bank on your visit to New Zealand take a gander at How to Travel New Zealand Cheaply and Free Things to do in New Zealand!


New Zealand Bucket List Bingo


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15 Replies to “Epic New Zealand Bucket List Bingo”

  1. Now that’s a unique way to explore a place. Bucket list bingo anywhere! My business brain immediately thought: Make it a thing for multiple destinations and you’ve got yourself a product or at least a lead magnet.

    1. That’s a great idea! I just might have to add that to my shop:)

  2. My wishlist for New Zealand is so long! Can’t wait to explore this beautiful country!!! I am definitely going to try this bingo list when I visit NZ! 🙂

  3. I love your Bingo card! I’ve been to New Zealand but only score 2, not even a bingo line! Penguins and a kiwi are a def must! I would add All blacks to the list 🙂

    1. Yes! How could I forget about All Blacks?! Guess you’ll have to go back to get your bingo;)

  4. Jen this is freaking amazing!! Such a different, and not to mention, fun way of ticking off the best things to see and do in New Zealand. I’ve yet to have been there 🙁 but I hear nothing but good things about it! I’d love to spot a penguin and give my respects to Tane Mahuta!

    1. Penguins are so adorable! I went to NZ just to see them and don’t regret it at all:)

  5. Woahhh! Bucket list bingo! That’s pretty new. I had been to only the North Island of New Zealand and totally loved it. Now I have added more things to my bucket list, thanks to you 🙂

    1. Anything I can do to help:)

  6. I love the bucket list bingo! Its a very interesting way on deciding what you are going to visit that day! I love it!

  7. Love your New Zealand bingo card idea. It seems like I have missed quite a couple of highlights on my last visit. The glow worms must be spectacular.

  8. wow that’s an innovative way to schedule and plan things. New Zealand, in general, will remain on my bucket list although not sure when I can make it. I think I need to replicate this format for some other places.

  9. Love it! So going to play this next time I go to NZ! Hopefully I’ll see a bird as chill as this one

  10. I absolutely love your bingo idea here. I’m all about travel games to keep things interesting. This is really cool👍

  11. Now, thats an unique destination to add into the NZ Itinerary. wonderful post and love your ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

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