The Gluten-Free Epicurean: The Best Gluten-Free Bakery in Vancouver

gluten-free bakery, Gluten-Free Epicurean, Vancouver


There is a growing selection of gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in Vancouver, but one place that really stands out is The Gluten-Free Epicurean.  They have an extensive and original selection of both sweet and savoury treats, sandwiches, frozen take-home products, and baking mixes.  But the selection is nothing compared to the quality they offer.

Located in the trendy neighbourhood of Fraser and Kingsway, this small café is one of several popular eateries in the area.  Sal y Limón is right across the street and a great place to grab some gluten-free tacos.  Alternatively, head to The Black Lodge for some vegetarian and vegan fare in a Twin Peaks themed restaurant.  However, you may want to skip lunch all together to save more room for goodies from The Gluten-Free Epicurean.


gluten-free bakery, Gluten-Free Epicurean, Vancouver


If the neighbourhood is out of your way, don’t worry – they have delivery.  There is something about having a box full of cookies and cakes delivered to your door that really makes you want to start going the gym again …after you’ve finished binging on baked goods and Netflix.

Cream filled pastries are my favourite dessert and, for some reason, really difficult to find gluten-free.  On Fridays only, The Gluten-Free Epicurean makes a Boston Cream donut that is worth waiting all week for.  One day, Laura bought one of these for herself and didn’t bring one home for me…we are in counselling now.  Seriously though, get there early.  These donuts sell out quickly – often before noon.  If you can’t get there early on Friday, they also have a rotating selection of donuts throughout the week.


gluten-free bakery, Gluten-Free Epicurean, Vancouver


Maybe you’re not a donut fan.  That’s ok, we don’t judge here.  I could go on and on about all the amazing morsels at The Gluten-Free Epicurean – including some vegan selections.  If you’re looking for a stand-out sweet, they have the best Nanaimo bars I have ever had in my life – and I hail from the town of Nanaimo itself.  Tip: They keep these bars in the fridge, so don’t assume they are sold out until you’ve asked.

If you want to combine hand-crafted, allergy friendly treats using local ingredients with knowledge about Celiac Disease, The Gluten-Free Epicurean also holds monthly meetings in partnership with the Canadian Celiac Association.  If you are newly diagnosed and feeling overwhelmed and, let’s be honest, depressed about all the food you will never eat again, attending one of these meetings in the presence of so much deliciousness will surely lift your spirits.

Some people mock the gluten-free trend, but the truth is food allergies are real and are on the rise.  Even if gluten-free eating is some weird craze, I am happy that other people’s food choices are making it easier for those with allergies to find interesting and delicious foods they can eat safely.  Even if you don’t have food restrictions, The Gluten-Free Epicurean is too good to miss.


gluten-free bakery, Gluten-Free Epicurean, Vancouver


Weekly Specials at The Gluten-Free Epicurean

Tuesday – Stromboli, apple fritters
Wednesday –  Lemon blueberry cinnamon buns
Thursday – Stromboli, apple fritters
Friday – Boston Cream donuts, maple pecan pumpkin cinnamon buns
Saturday – Stromboli, maple pecan pumpkin cinnamon buns
Sunday – Raspberry almond cinnamon buns


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gluten-free bakery, Gluten-Free Epicurean, Vancouver






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10 Replies to “The Gluten-Free Epicurean: The Best Gluten-Free Bakery in Vancouver”

  1. Wow, such a useful article! I am coeliac and find it really tricky when I’m travelling. It varies so much from country to country, but it’s great to know Canada is buying in to the gluten free thing. Will definitely check this place out when I go!

  2. I definitely agree that you don’t need to have any allergies to enjoy some of the yummy gluten free products available these days. And reading this post and having a look at those photos shows you have really found a fabulous bakery here. Why does it have to be so far away from me? Oh well, at least I have another very good reason to enjoy another visit to the beautiful city of Vancouver.

  3. I feel so closed-minded because I didn’t realize how many delicious options there could be at a gluten-free bakery! I’d eat all of those in a heartbeat! And we head up to Vancouver frequently, so I may need to add a stop at the Gluten-Free Epicurean!

  4. Although I eat pretty much everything, it’s nice to see people opening up specialty food shops that cater to a niche. As you mentioned, people who do not have allergies may disregard gluten free products, but there is no sense in that. As long as you enjoy the taste, it being gluten free is an added bonus. The bakery really looks charming and and cute with lovely looking food.

  5. Yum! I love apple fritters, donuts, cinnamon buns, all of those things! I’m not allergic to gluten, but I love gluten-free pastries just as much as those with gluten. If I happened to be in the area, I’d definitely stop by for some delicious baked goods 🙂

  6. I know how some people cannot eat gluten so these types of bakeries are very useful. The Gluten-Free Epicurean not only looks to offer delicious gluten free options, but irrelevant of that, the options looks delicious! I love how they have a special each day, I especially like the sound of the Sunday special, Raspberry almond cinnamon buns. You’ve photographed the food very well, I’m hungry and my mouth is watering.

  7. Wow! Food definitely looks yummm! Good to know that they have vegetarian and vegan options too! The donut looks so yummm!!!
    I agree. Many don’t understand the food restrictions of other! I’m a veggie who doesn’t eat egg as well! I have my difficult times too!!!

  8. Its interesting to see how speciality restaurants do such a good job. The food loos yummy ..and I am suddenly hungry. It seems perfect for those who really cant eat gluten…I am lactose intolerant and I know how tough it can be travelling with food restrictions.

  9. Very useful article. I have few friends and family members who are allergic to gluten and we always have problem gluten free food. I am so glad to have stumbled upon this article. Now I know where to take them in Vancouver. Thanks.

  10. Nice post. Yes, food allergies are real and yes, they are on the rise, big time. It is time people be aware about them and give gluten free their way… I wonder how it must be for those who have to search around for them, and must be even more difficult than the vegetarians..

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