Hiking to Wedgemount Lake in Whistler, British Columbia

Wedgemount Lake, Whistler, BC, Garibaldi Provincial Park


The hike to Wedgemount Lake in Whistler is a personal favourite of mine.  This was my first hike after waiting years for a knee injury to heal.  If I had known I was signing up for one of the most difficult hikes in Garibaldi Provincial Park, there is a good chance I would have missed out on this extraordinary trek.  With the help of my trusty knee brace, I survived this strenuous hike to a gorgeous glacial lake – where the icy cold water helped reduce the swelling in my leg.


Wedgemount Lake, Whistler, BC, Garibaldi Provincial ParkWedgemount Lake, Whistler, BC, Garibaldi Provincial Park


Wedgemount in not a hike for beginners.  The 1.2 km ascent over only 7 km is guaranteed to get your blood pumping on the way up, and to wobble your knees on the way down.

While the trail mostly climbs through forest, Wedgemount also offers rock slides to scramble over as well as views of the valley.  If that’s not enough, you can also gaze upon Wedgemount Waterfall which falls an impressive 300 metres.


Wedgemount Lake, Whistler, BC, Garibaldi Provincial ParkWedgemount Lake, Whistler, BC, Garibaldi Provincial Park


The grueling hours of your ascent might make you question why you set out – and dread the trek back down.  Wedge Runners, uber-fit people who tackle this 2-4 hour hike (one way) at a run, will take your ego down a few notches.  But when you get your first glimpse of the clouds rolling over this stunning lake, all of your efforts will be rewarded.  Push on a bit farther for an up close and personal encounter with the glacier that feeds Wedgemount Lake.


Wedgemount Lake, Whistler, BC, Garibaldi Provincial Park


The lake may be the highlight of this hike, but the whole region is the epitome of beauty.  The alpine meadow adds a feeling of serenity to the majesty of the mountain.  A slow meander among babbling brooks and small, colourful flowers makes for a great cool-down.


Wedgemount Lake, Whistler, BC, Garibaldi Provincial Park


Wedgemount Lake is equipped with a survival hut that sleeps 6 as well as tent platforms around the edge of the lake.  For a complete experience of solitude and silence, pack your gear and camp out for the night!

As with any hike, carry plenty of water as well as food and clothing for emergencies.  You may feel warm as you climb up this mountain, but it is cold at the top – even in the summer.

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Wedgemount Lake, Whistler, BC, Garibaldi Provincial Park








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12 Replies to “Hiking to Wedgemount Lake in Whistler, British Columbia”

  1. Wonderful pictures and what an adventure. Well done for getting back on your feet and taking on the world… what’s next I wonder 🙂

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! Sounds like a tough hike, great job on accomplishing this! I just got back from a hiking trip and would love to do this one someday!

  3. Whistler is such an amazing place. I used to live in Vancouver and the drive up there was as magical as the time spent. Thanks for sharing tips on this lake visit, I haven’t been to Wedgemount!

  4. The lake and the whole area are wonderful representatives of gorgeous nature of British Columbia. Fantastic photos of the sublime beauty!

  5. What a lovely hike. The beautiful landscapes really make hiking a pleasure and take it to the next level. Whistler is a place so ethereal and out of the world, that it makes for an idyllic location to get lost in the beauty of nature.

  6. Beautiful photos! Looks like a hikers’ paradise, even though I’m not sure if we’d be fit enough for it. 😉 Still, the more articles on Canada I read, the more I wish we could see it for ourselves once. 🙂

    1. Once you come to Canada, you’ll never want to leave:)

  7. Wow what an experience – and I’m even more impressed at your achievement with a dodgy knee! It looks absolutely beautiful and totally worth it though. That glacier lake would have felt so good on the muscles afterwards! What an incredible hike, I would absolutely love to do this one day! Can’t wait to visit Canada one day.

  8. Now this is a part of Canada I need to explore!
    Next month I’m only visiting Toronto again!

    1. You definitely need to come to the West coast!

  9. Vicki Louise says: Reply

    What a great hike! Canada has so much natural beauty and incredible landscapes. I can’t wait to visit one day!

  10. The scenery on this trek looks amazing! Well done for tackling something this difficult after your knee problems, that must have been tough! We would love to do this trek one day!

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