Meet the Blogger: Crystal Egan from Castaway with Crystal

Crystal Egan, Castaway with Crystal, LGBTQ travel, lesbian travel


This week we are talking to the super awesome Crystal Egan from Castaway with Crystal. I connected with Crystal on Facebook and instantly loved her adventurous spirit, as well as her great blog (seriously, read it). As a lesbian traveller myself, I am always interested in how others in the LGBTQ+ community experience the world. In this interview, Crystal gives us the details about how she travels and her feelings about exploring the world in a lesbian relationship.


Crystal Egan, Castaway with Crystal, LGBTQ travel, lesbian travel


How do you think coming out as LGBTQ+ will affect your travels?  Are there destinations you think you will avoid?

I am hoping that it won’t be too much different than when I was travelling solo but I’m definitely worried. I like to do a lot of Couchsurfing so it’s definitely been something I’ve thought about, you know, when I’ll be relying on the kindness of strangers during my travels. How will I be received by these strangers now that I’m travelling with my girlfriend.  But I just intend to be straight up with people and they can take it or leave it.

Destinations are something else I’ve had to think about now that I’ll be travelling with the girl. I’ve never had to google the LGBT rights of a country before going there and it’s something that saddens me but is necessary. I know that even though it was on my bucket list, I will now not be heading to Russia, nor Saudi Arabia or many of the Middle Eastern countries, unfortunately.


Crystal Egan, Castaway with Crystal, LGBTQ travel, lesbian travel


Does your partner like to travel?

She does, but isn’t as experienced as me! The last 10 years she spent building up her career while I couldn’t sit still. But now she’s ready to ditch it all and take a chance with me!


Crystal Egan, Castaway with Crystal, LGBTQ travel, lesbian travel


What are your fears and expectations with LGBTQ+ travel?

I hope that it will be just as great as solo travel. I think the world has really grown up and because I’m a friendly and open person I think people will find it easy to learn from me. Loads of people don’t have many (or any) LGBTI friends and I’ll be more than happy to be friends with anyone! Ask me any question you want and I’ll answer it!


What is your best travel tip you would like to share?

Always assume the best in people – but keep your wits about you.


Isla Mujeres sunset at La Punta Sur


What music do you like to listen to when you travel?

I have a pretty extensive Spotify playlist but I mainly like chillout acoustic stuff while I’m in transit. Something I can sing along to. I’ve really been getting into Tash Saltana lately. OMG her voice is like velvet.


What is one unnecessary item that you always pack?

I always end up carring about 3 novels at any one time. I have no idea how I acquire them or why I can’t let them go, but that’s just how it’s been…


Baby macaque on face in Ubud, Bali


What is your biggest travel pet-peeve?

The fact that my backpack is still 26 kg and I have to carry it.

Who plays you in the movie about your life?

Hopefully Zooey Deschanel. We kinda look alike and I think she is just the coolest!


Crystal Egan, Castaway with Crystal, LGBTQ travel, lesbian travel

What inspires you to keep travelling?

I don’t think I know how else to be. I moved around a lot as a kid so it’s just ingrained into my DNA. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop. I dream to own property but I think even then I’d still be off for 6 months a year!


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Crystal Egan tells us about her travelling spirit and how she will adjust to travelling as LGBTQ.


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10 Replies to “Meet the Blogger: Crystal Egan from Castaway with Crystal”

  1. She is a fellow adventurous soul! Love that she throws herself out there with the attitude, “Take it or leave it”. We should all do the same! Thanks for the introduction!

  2. I loved reading this feature on Crystal! I absolutely love that she is fearless, adventurous and won’t let anything stop her from wandering the world. We need more people like that in this world! I can’t wait to check out her blog!

  3. How awesome that your partner can now take time off and travel with you! Loved the travel tip…being optimistic makes such a lot of difference. Wishing Crystal many more awesome travels!

  4. There’s so many issues for female travellers to deal with, and this interview brings to light another issue. It’s nice to hear Crystal still has the desire to travel, and now with her girlfriend too! I’m not keen to visit Saudi either, and I’m not gay!

  5. It’s sad that there are still some countries that won’t be open to you and your girlfriend. It’ shouldn’t be that way… Ah my backpack always weigh too much too! ahah I don’t know how to pack less, it already seems to me that I don’t pack so many things… ;))

  6. A beautiful interview and one that not only talks about the traveler, Crystal, but also a much wider issue of LGBT travel and how “difficult” it can be at times and restricting at others. A strong believer in human rights, I think more writing and talking about issues is the only way forward and things are changing so hopefully slowly the world will be one in its truest sense.

  7. I love this: Always assume the best in people. This is so important when traveling. Yet be aware of your surroundings in order to be safe. Enjoy your travels Crystal!

  8. I like Crystal’s tip – Always assume the best in people – but keep your wits about you. I think that this will help one to enjoy oneself and be cautious at the same time. I don’t know how she manages to carry a 26 kg backpack though. I can’t carry more than 5 kg for an extended period 🙂

  9. Hello Crystal! Nice to meet you. Looks like you know how to live happy and well! 🙂 When you always assume the best in people you send positive vibes to those around you, which will most likely to reciprocate good energy. I also moved around a lot as a kid, maybe that’s how world travelers are born. The constant need to keep moving from place to place never ends! 🙂 Safe travels. – Mariella

  10. Lovely Interview! I love to have a look into another bloggers life. We all do the same in one way, but live completely different lives, in different places in the other way. Happy travels

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