My Favourite Travel Items: Things you might not think to pack

My favourite travel items: stuff you might not think to pack!

  No matter how much planning you do, or how much stuff you take, there is always something you wish you had packed.  Every trip is different and what you will want to bring will vary.  I have a packing list I use to make sure I don’t forget any of the essentials (because spending […]

My Mega Japan Bucket List Wins and Fails

Japan bucket list

  Japan was a country that had been on my bucket list for eons.  I imagined robots mingling with colourfully dressed people.  Images of ruggedly beautiful nature floated through my mind.  Late nights of partying at the best clubs with the best people filled me with energy and optimism… So when I finally got the […]

Meet the Blogger: Crystal Egan from Castaway with Crystal

Crystal Egan, Castaway with Crystal, LGBTQ travel, lesbian travel

  This week we are talking to the super awesome Crystal Egan from Castaway with Crystal. I connected with Crystal on Facebook and instantly loved her adventurous spirit, as well as her great blog (seriously, read it). As a lesbian traveller myself, I am always interested in how others in the LGBTQ+ community experience the […]

Gluten-Free Sydney Hacks

gluten-free Sydney Australia

  Australia is well-known for its amazing food and a melting pot of cuisines, but what is less known is that this country is a true treat for Coeliacs and other people who don’t eat gluten. Many travellers say that it’s definitely one of the most gluten-free friendly countries they have visited, which makes travelling […]

Epic New Zealand Bucket List Bingo

New Zealand Bucket List Bingo

  Living in British Columbia, I know a thing or two about the majestic beauty of nature.  In Vancouver, we are surrounded by untouched nature.  We have mountains that continue to take my breath away and oceans that will force you to contemplate the meaning of infinity.  Wild bears roam just outside of Vancouver city […]

Great Hikes in Vancouver – Diez Vistas

Diez Vistas, hike, Vancouver, Buntzen Lake

  I know I say this about every hike I talk about – I guess I really love hiking – but Sendero Diez Vistas (simply called Diez Vistas by locals) is one of my favourite hikes in the Vancouver area.  It has a perfect combination of technically challenging areas and easy chunks that let you […]

How the Camino de Santiago Broke My Heart

  There are all kinds of reasons people decide to undertake the 800 kilometre pilgrimage that is the Camino de Santiago.  Some people walk, or cycle, their way across Spain to grieve the loss of a loved one.  Friends and family take the journey together to strengthen the bonds of their relationships.  Others do it […]

The Gluten-Free Epicurean: The Best Gluten-Free Bakery in Vancouver

gluten-free bakery, Gluten-Free Epicurean, Vancouver

  There is a growing selection of gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in Vancouver, but one place that really stands out is The Gluten-Free Epicurean.  They have an extensive and original selection of both sweet and savoury treats, sandwiches, frozen take-home products, and baking mixes.  But the selection is nothing compared to the quality they offer. […]

Travelling as a Lesbian in Costa Rica

LGBTQ, Costa Rica, lesbian, travel

  As far as Latin American countries go, Costa Rica is one of the most open-minded and accepting of LGBTQ+ people (although, I hear there is quite the scene in Guadalajara).  If you are travelling as a lesbian in Costa Rica, you can expect to feel relatively comfortable, but don’t expect the same freedoms granted […]

Pride in NYC – Sometimes It’s About Putting Clothes ON

LGBTQ, pride, Rainbow Fashion Week, NYC, New York

Rainbow Fashion Week When New York does Pride, they do it all the way.  With events including performances by Nelly Furtado and LeAnn Rimes, as well as attendees numbering in the millions, you can expect Pride events in New York to be nothing short of energetic.  One event you won’t want to miss out on […]